Welcome back to our Festive Findings feature. Now for our penultimate post. First up is probably my favourite finding from the festive period. Adidas Star Wars trainers! The designers over at Adidas are obviously fans of the original trilogy. From the orange on the Skywalker’s that matches his jumpsuit in the movie to the Tie Fighter wing pattern these were made for fanboys. Adidas has taken the whole footwear collaboration to a whole new level and in the process assured I will be broke next year! – via mymodernmet.

Next up is a featured artist for you. Kode Logic, is a graphic designer from Melbourne, Australia. His inspirations come in the works of fatoe and tksh and all the major designers of the KDU. As fantasy artists go, he’s at the top !! Check out his behance page too, along with his Daft Punk illustration, awesome!

Next is a nice find via Fubiz of photographer Jeffery Vanhoutte. Hailing from Belgium. Jeffery has worked with several advertising agencies like BBDO, Ogilvy & TWBA. Check out some great examples below.

Finally we come to a new bit of work from one of our favourite illustrators J3Concepts. An album cover for Beauty to Wake the Dead – Nothing to Fear EP. Anything this guy does I love and I hope you do too. Enjoy.