He’s been described as the world’s best left winger and has played for Tottenham Hotspurs since 2007. At only 24 years old, Welsh player Gareth Bale has the world at his feet – almost literally.

The transfer saga dragged on from July to September with several doubts as to whether he would move to Real Madrid in what is undoubtedly a ‘world record’ transfer deal. Bale apparently hadn’t been pulling his weight at Spurs since the new season started. This was according to Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas who has expressed his frustration to the media after breaking his silence on the Bale transfer drama.

The world record £85.3 million has helped Spurs no end however, taking the money and using it to fill in several of the weaker links within the team. Villas-Boas now has £100m worth of talent on his bench having made seven signings over the summer, highlights including Robert Soldado, Paulinho and the promising Erik Lamela. The manager seems clear he wants to move forward and look to the future of Spurs sans Bale.

Bale hadn’t been seen in training and hadn’t played with the Spurs team in any capacity since July when the transfer drama kicked off and, although the official reason was some mysterious injuries, it’s more likely that he’s simply lost interest as he waited for the deal to be finalised.

Meanwhile in Spain, having relinquished Mesut Ozil to Arsenal for a tidy £42.5m, Bale is settling in nicely and scored in his very first match with Madrid from the 6 yard line against Villarreal. Rumours are also circling that Bale is looking to buy Ozil’s old house, perhaps they should just swap?

As the ex-Tottenham keeper Erik Thorstvedt said, “We have sold Elvis and bought the Beatles”. Does this mean we’re on the verge of Spurs-mania? They’re currently 3rd on the table in the Premier League so if you want to lay a bet on where they will finish up, have a look at the odds on http://freebets.org and get in there quick.

Even in Bale’s absence it seems Tottenham have one of the strongest squads they’ve had in years and it’s showing in their performance. Having scored 15 goals in seven games, and plenty of avenues to explore with formation changes, things are definitely going well for Spurs this season.

Meanwhile, the footballing world continues to wait as the saga rumbles on.