If you’re a business owner, you have probably made a large investment in perfecting your website to make it attractive and easy to navigate for your customers. You’ll likely have your website based on a hosting package that is provided by one of the top hosting companies. However, your website’s files are not always guaranteed to be safe for several reasons. The last thing you want as a business owner is for your website to be down, especially if your business relies on website sales, but in reality, it can be a lot worse than your website just going down for a few hours because you could lose your files altogether. If you want to secure your website files there are only a few options for you to consider, and these are outlined below.

Always Use a Reputable Hosting Provider

You may already have good hosting from a reputable hosting provider, but if you don’t, it’s time to change immediately. This doesn’t mean the smaller hosts out there are going to do wrong by your business, it just means bigger businesses are less likely to disappear overnight. Bigger businesses are licensed and generally have solutions in place in case their business does crumble, whereas smaller business will likely not have implemented such solutions.

Keep Your Files Backed Up Offline

The best way of keeping your website files safe is to make regular offline backups on a separate drive from your computer. This way you’ll always have access to offline backups instead of having to rely on your hosting provider or online backup services. Most online services can be trusted, but the fact is, you never know what could happen to your files. Businesses disappear into thin air regularly so it’s always worth being extra safe and making your own backups. If your drive ever failed you could always opt for a data recovery software free download so you’ll always be able to recover data from corrupt drives.

Use an Online Backup Service

As well as keeping offline backups of your website, it’s also an option to consider an online backup service to automatically take backups of your website daily. This will be a better option, but it’s always worth making offline backups just so you know you have them if you ever need them. If your website is based on a platform such as WordPress, you’ll greatly benefit from some of the automated backup plugins at your disposal. If you don’t use WordPress, there are many other solutions available to you in terms of online services and server software you can purchase.

Take Advantage of Cloud Services

Most hosting providers work in conjunction with cloud services so your website is backed up automatically to a different provider. This option is similar to using online backup services except the cloud service solution could offer you a better service in terms of automated backups away from your hosting provider.

The above tips will only benefit you in the long run as there’s always a chance your hosting provider could fail no matter how big of a company it is. The best option to consider when keeping your website data safe is to use secure offline backups just so you have physical access whenever you need it.