Midweek Typography #5

Here’s a bit of midweek typography for you on this fine snowy wednesday. Dzineblog have posted 40 great examples of 3D Typography, which is usually really beautiful and this is …Continue reading »

Featured Artists: Vanhaeren, Cuypers & Quinones

Today we have a triple threat of artist’s for our monday madness injection of inspiration. First up is Tim & Bram Vanhaeren, graphic designers from Kapellen, Belgium. They are 21 …Continue reading »

Featured Artist : Steven Bonner

Today’s featured artist is Steven Bonner, a superbly talented graphic designer, illustrator, and typographer from Stirling, Scotland. Check out some of his new typographic and illustrative works, especially his star …Continue reading »

35 Stunning Digital Art Manipulations

Noupe have just posted a great article showcasing 35 Stunning Digital Photo Manipulation Artworks. Please appreciate the work of some great designers who have created these artworks using their superb …Continue reading »

Festive Findings #3

Welcome back to our Festive Findings feature. Now for our penultimate post. First up is probably my favourite finding from the festive period. Adidas Star Wars trainers! The designers over …Continue reading »

Festive Findings #2

Ok here is my Festive Findings second post for your visual enjoyment. First up are some amazingly awesome designed Nike’s by american freelance designer Anton Repponen. Sick, nuff said. Article …Continue reading »

Great Typographic Lighting Effects

Here’s something super cool to go with your Tuesday morning coffee. Designm.ag have just posted a Showcase of Typography and Lighting Effects for us to feast our eyes on. Lighting …Continue reading »

Featured Artist : theycallmeteddy

Hi All. Today we have a featured artist going be the name of theycallmeteddy. He hails from Surabaya, Indonesia and creates some superb work. Whilst only young he dedicates his …Continue reading »

30 Creative Typography Designs

Continuing on todays typography tip comes a great post from dzineblog. As they say, “Typography is the art of arranging, designing, and modifying type to create beautiful and easy-to-read graphic …Continue reading »

Featured Studio : HMF (HandMadeFont)

HMF (HandMadeFont) are an Estonian based design company, founded in 2008 by Vladimir Loginov and Maksim Loginov. They specialise the development of unique & untraditional fonts. They develop new and …Continue reading »

Midweek Typography #4

Last week we gave you numerous examples of awesome typography for you viewing pleasure. Today’s midweek typography post is no different. So please enjoy the wonders below, courtesy of Abduzeedo. …Continue reading »

Midweek Typography #3

Here’s another awesome typography post for all you font fans via Abduzeedo again. Check out the full post as we intend to make this a regular occurrence. Enjoy.

Midweek Typography #2

Last week we had a little midweek feature on typography, so we thought lets continue this week with a little more textual inspiration. Courtesy of HV Designs here is a …Continue reading »

Superb Typography in Web Design

With my new portfolio site under development i’ve been looking heavily into great website with awesome typography to take inspiration from. Then I stumbled across this fantastic post from Noupe, …Continue reading »

Midweek Typography

A quickie for you typography fiends out there. Here is an awesome post featuring some sweet video and imagery from a collection of artists. Courtesy of Abduzeedo. Enjoy. typography (picture …Continue reading »

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