40 Impressive Photo Manipulations

Here are some seriously cool photo manipulations, 40 in fact given for our viewing pleasure via Web Design Ledger. Nothing much to say apart from wow! Check out some of …Continue reading »

Featured Artist : Khyzyl Saleem

Here’s one straight outta the blocks for you. At only 16, Khyzyl Saleem from Manchester, UK. Khyzyl realised design was something he loved from a young age. With a real …Continue reading »

More Goodness From Justin Maller

Just a quickie, as Abduzeedo posted some of the new works from one of my favourite digital artist Justin Maller. A must see for any budding designer.

It's The End Of The World, As We Know It

I guess in homage and to today’s memorable date and the upcoming epic movie 2012. We have 10 Mind-Blowing Apocalyptic Scenes from the genius that is Steve McGhee. Steve McGhee …Continue reading »

Featured Artist : Daniel Delgado

Daniel Delgado is a genius digital artist from Tucuman, Argentina. Sadly his main site is down, so getting information on this man is though to come by. But by looking …Continue reading »

20 Stunning Pure HDR Photographs

This morning we have a great post for you. Design Reviver just released a post showing 20 Stunning Examples of Pure HDR Photographs. As most of you that are regular …Continue reading »

Featured Artist : Ee Venn Soh

Ee Venn Soh is a digital artist hailing from Malaysia but now living in Auckland, New Zealand. He’s a bit of a master when it comes to photo illustrations. Check …Continue reading »

The Best Photo Manipulations Ever

Designfeedr have just released a mammoth post showing 52 of the best jaw-dropping photo manipulations. They have searched high and low for new work from established and unknown photoshop artists …Continue reading »

Featured Artist : Gustavo Gorrichátegui

I haven’t come across any digital artist’s or designer from Panama yet so here is a first for me. Gustavo Gorrichátegui is one to watch, his use of photography and …Continue reading »

Romain Laurent Photography : Tilt

Paris based photographer Romain Laurent has created some stunning shots. Don’t ask me how he did them, I have no clue. Just sit back and wonder. They kind of remind …Continue reading »

Simonetti vs Zoo York Deck

Alessandro Zuek Simonetti is most known for his photographs of New York street culture, even though he’s Italian. He recently teamed up with Zoo York to lend a couple of …Continue reading »

Markku Lahdesmaki

Markku Lahdesmaki began photographing elements of his home country, Finland. Specifically, in his industrial town and created an enthusiasm for art and photography. Check out is digitally enhanced visual excellence.

What I Missed / Part 2 : Advertising Typography /Christopher Haines / Poisonvectors

Part 2 of the What I Missed post looks firstly at a great article published by Designm.ag looking some beautiful works using typography in advertising over the last few years. …Continue reading »

HDR Images By Trey Ratcliff

Trey Ratcliff’s work continues to amaze everyone who see’s it. He truly is an HDR Photography master. Here are a small spatter of his works that can be found at …Continue reading »

Gareth James : Street Photographer

Here’s are some great artist photography shots from a new man on the scene Gareth James. Check out some of his beautiful snaps on his new site here.

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