NikeMag : Back For The Future

NikeMag : Back For The Future

So like most fanboys of Back To The Future I always had my eyes on those Nike trainers Marty McFly wore in the second movie. Well now, my dreams have …Continue reading »

Facebook, Twitter & DeLorean Trainers

Facebook, Twitter & DeLorean Trainers

Ok, hi all. Been awhile since my last post. Since then I have left my job in the mobile industry to partake in a startup in the fashion industry, with …Continue reading »

Nike : Write The Future

By now most of you would have seen the new Nike commercial here in time for the world cup. But honestly I thought it needed a full post as its …Continue reading »

Festive Findings #2

Ok here is my Festive Findings second post for your visual enjoyment. First up are some amazingly awesome designed Nike’s by american freelance designer Anton Repponen. Sick, nuff said. Article …Continue reading »

Massive Vector Trainer/Sneaker Post

Hi all, i’m mad for trainers, or as the yanks call them, sneakers! Which is great, because VectorTuts+ just released a massive post featuring some great illustrations by various artists …Continue reading »

Featured Studio : Vanila BCN

Our friends Abduzeedo have recently featured a top design studio – Vanila Barcelona or Vanila BCN is the design studio of two very talented graphic designers from Spain, Carlos Jimenez …Continue reading »

BRASS MONKI Customized Trainers

OK, so this guy has his finger on the pulse. Brass Monki has some seriously cool trainer ideas and when his store opens i’ll be the first in line to …Continue reading »

Wanna Design Your Own Nikes?

So you got photoshop, but don’t wanna be restricted to the painful NikeID store. Just download one of these great Photoshop files from Pigmag allowing you to manipulate pretty much …Continue reading »

Robot Parkour Nike Advert

Check out this new advert from Nike featuring a robot trying a spot of parkour or extreme running. Truly amazing. Thanks to biglazyrobot for the video. The Runner -Exploit yourself- …Continue reading »

More Nike Based Design Inspiration have just released a stunning post featured loads of Nike based artworks. Some are real advertisements and others are pieces done by artists, found on sites such as deviantART …Continue reading »

Kanye West x Louis Vuitton Trainers

Highsnobiety teamed up with German photographer Daniela Mueller-Brunke for a photoshoot of the Kanye West x Louis Vuitton footwear range. All I can say, is whilst they are pretty loud, …Continue reading »


Skwak has just been featured on Hey Indy! and brought to my immediate attention. Indy loved the new Nike tshirt he bough recently with a crazy design by Skwak on …Continue reading »