iPod Nano Watch : TikTok & LunaTik


iPod Nano Watch : TikTok & LunaTikApple, Design Inspiration, Gear

by joeldelane.com on December 7, 2010 with 2 comments

I love watches, actually I have an unhealthy need to buy a new watch every few months. This has left me a wide selection of awesome fashion watches from the likes of Diesel, Nike, Adidas and many more. But none of these compare with this new concept from designer Steve Wilson. An iPod Nano casing …

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New Apple iPods, Apple TV & iTunesApple

by joeldelane.com on September 3, 2010 with 0 comment

On Thursday Apple unleashed their new line of products to the masses, ensuring us to have empty wallets & bank accounts by the end of the year! First up was a new iPod Shuffle, improved design, square shape and ultra portable. Then a rehash of the iPod Nano, back to its square form and now …

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