Featured Artists : Rennee, Raynkazuya, Brezak, Rapoza & Firmorama Studio


Featured Artists : Rennee, Raynkazuya, Brezak, Rapoza & Firmorama StudioArt & Illustration, Design Inspiration

by joeldelane.com on January 4, 2012 with 0 comment

Happy new year to all, sorry the blog has been slow, but I promise this year to have loads more posts. Today we have a mammoth post of awesome illustrators, designers, digital artists and creative minds. Just check out these incredible visuals below! First up are some Superhero illustrations by Stefani Rennee. Next is the …

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Blur Studios : DC Universe Online


Blur Studios : DC Universe OnlineArt & Illustration, Design Inspiration, Games, Video

by joeldelane.com on October 25, 2010 with 1 comment

Time for something awesome from Blur Studios. The people that created the preview and pre-game sequences from Star Wars : The Old Republic. Blur have just created the intro sequence for DC Universe Online. After picking up my mouth from the floor I have decided to share this with you all, a true masterful piece …

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