Guess What .. We are Baaaaaack!!

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of posts recently. Just moved house, have no internet access at home and to top it all off we had some serious server issues …Continue reading »

Festive Findings #4

Hi everyone. Ok, so this will be the final entry in our Festive Findings collection. So we may have saved the best for last, thats if you are a Lost …Continue reading »

Midweek Typography #3

Here’s another awesome typography post for all you font fans via Abduzeedo again. Check out the full post as we intend to make this a regular occurrence. Enjoy.

More Typography Coming Atcha'

A quickie for you. Some awesome examples of typography curtsey of Abduzeedo and a load of awesome illustrators. Check out the full post asap.

Double Typography Mania

This morning we have a great double post for you. Abduzeedo and posted simultaneous typography posts. So we decided to bring you the best of both. As we all …Continue reading »

Awesome Typography Mania

Abduzeedo just posted a stunning typography post which everyone must see. With some awesome videos and images of some of the best works out there at the moment. Check it …Continue reading »

Featured Artist : Hugo Ortiz

Hugo Ortiz aka IconBlast is a Colombian graphic designer and awesome illustrator who uses his powerful colours and strong detail to create beautiful magazines designs, t-shirts, posters and much more. …Continue reading »

Featured Artist : Sean Lee

Sean Lee is a graphic designer and vector artist from Malaysia with some wicked illustrations, especially the street fighter ones. Check out his blog asap. Thanks to Abduzeedo for the …Continue reading »

slashTHREE Release Deja Vu

Abduzeedo just release a stunning post thanks to slashTHREE art group releasing their 11th art pack called Déjà Vu. Here are some of the best, check out the full post.

Tony Ariawan, Digital Magician

Hailing from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Tony Ariawan is one of the most creative digital artist on the web. The work he does with lights and colors is unique and stunning. I …Continue reading »