The world of internet market is constantly changing. While more and more of us are launching new websites every day – in fact, approximately 571 sites are launched around the world every minute – the competition is growing to make our websites stand out from the rest.

Indeed, content is king, but website design is not something to be sniffed at either. If you’re looking to launch your own website, whether it’s a fashion blog or an e-commerce company, you need to make sure your website looks as good as possible – here are just a few reasons that your site needs to look flawless.

Draw your visitors in – and keep them

If you’ve managed to make the most of social media or otherwise to draw visitors to your website – well done. However, keeping them on the website is a whole different ball game. Studies have shown that website visitors only stay on a webpage for 10 to 20 seconds at a time, so make sure you’re not scaring them away with walls of text.

Direct customers to your products immediately

Launching an e-commerce site is no easy task in today’s ever-growing online retail world, but if you think you have the right sort of product to target to people, you need to make sure they can buy it with contemptuous ease. Hence, a well-designed, clean and compartmentalised site can easily navigate your customers to the latest promotions and new products.

This is also particularly notable for gambling websites, which have become more and more popular in the present day. With so many games and payment options to display, it is of paramount importance to organise the page effectively –, for example, has clear-cut boxes, apt for navigating customers to the best offers.

Ensure a mobile-friendly interface

A recent survey by Google revealed that 72 per cent of internet users think it’s important that a website they visit is mobile-friendly. And with the rise of the smartphone, tablet and even ‘phablet’ culture, this is particularly important – a page that has been optimised for smaller screens will facilitate users in their scrolling and tapping, helping to ensure even more hits and purchases from those on the go.

Engage users with your content

You can have the most beautifully put together piece of prose in the world, but if it looks awful on a page, users will have little reason to engage with it. For this reason, it’s important to consider spacing out your text, using sub-headers, and utilising reader-friendly fonts such as Helvetica to keep readers focused.

Encourage visitors to interact

Another important facet of web design is to ensure that users can interact easily with the social media elements of your business. Ensure that Twitter and Facebook links are clearly displayed, and consider using a call to action to encourage users to share their thoughts on your social media pages. This will improve user feedback and provide you with free market research, enabling you to better your site in the future.