So I don’t normally do restaurant reviews, but recently one of my fav american fast food joints have opened in Covent Garden, Five Guys! My sister is a regular food blogger, and a pretty amazing one at that. If you haven’t checked out her blog, Foodpornqueen then you need too now, BE WARNED, you will be extremely hungry after reading it. So, she managed to get us some queue jumps and complimentary meals to sample this superb establishment, and yesterday we headed down. The venue was just as I imagined it, very USA. Great service too. The food itself was ridic, the burgers were juicy, full of tasty toppings, THE CRISPIEST BACON I have ever had, YES, even crispier than the Monroe Diner in upstate NY. I had a double patty, with cheese, bacon, grilled onions, jalapeños and BBQ sauce. We shared two portions of their small fries, one regular and one cajun. All superb. The best thing was yet to come though, the Coke machine. Every flavour under the sun was available, from Coke Zero vanilla cherry, to Schweppes Cloud Fruit Punch Lemonade. This choice was amazing! I highly recommend this gaff, go now….no honestly what are you waiting for!!!

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