5 Of The Most Innovative Logos Ever

Creating a solid, memorable logo is an art. Companies go through changes through the ages, coming up with new variations that adapt to the taste of the time. But the core logo almost always remains the same, crafting a brand familiarity that keeps them at the top of the corporate food chain.

When you are starting a business yourself, it is important to select a logo that will define your brand no matter how big it gets. These are five of the most innovative logos ever, and they remain examples of what branding looks like when it is done right.

1 – WWF


The World Wide Fund for Nature is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving endangered animal populations, keeping natural habitats intact, and supporting efforts to improve the natural beauty and ecosystems of the planet Earth.

It would have been simple to create a logo that matches the nature tone, such as through a forest or jungle based image. Instead, they chose a picture that makes an emotional – and so deeper – connection to the viewer: a panda.

The inclusion of a real creature, one we already know is endangered and could easily become extinct within our lifetime, gives the logo a permanence most never managed by other brands.

2 – Target


Retail store Target took a different approach to their logo. It was connected directly to their name, a large reg target that is used in all of their promotional materials, advertisements, and personal products.

When you see the logo, even if you have never heard of the brand before, you will immediately think of the target in front of you. Which introduces you to the name, and the imagery surrounding any further products you will see. All without explicitly telling you the name of the store…clever.

3 – Audi


Audi is a luxury brand, and they needed a luxury logo. But how to convey such a thing in a simple image? They figured it out, and even managed to do so in a way that makes you think of an automobile the second you glance at it.

The interlinked rings are made of a shining chrome that is very sleek and modern. Both of which are descriptions that you could give their products: high end cars made for high end performance.

4 – McDonalds


McDonalds has always had a recognizable logo, and a mascot that seemed to fit well under the banner of that logo (Ronald McDonald). The iconic ‘M’ is curved and gentler than the harder M’s often used in branding design. This is to simulate a smile, which is used in many of their promotional materials.

The fast food giant has created a simple logo template that can be easily adapted for new generations, based on their needs at the time. We have seen that clearly with the different advertising campaigns that have been launched with each new decade of consumers.

5 – HP


Creating an abbreviation that is as well known as the original name is almost impossible for most brands. Hewlett-Packard managed the feat, and have been able to rebrand themselves as the more modern HP.

Their logo moved from the full name to the abbreviation almost seamlessly, giving the impression of a new kind of product that is set for the technologically savvy crowd of today. They shed their clunkier image, and improved their sales because of it.

The True Power Of Logos

Branding is tricky, and long term branding is even trickier. But a good logo design that represents the core message of your company will help you go far.

Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in graphic design, marketing, and printing. She currently writes for 777 Sign, her go to place for banner signs, custom flags and custom signs printing.