OK, so I know i’ve been rubbish reporting my art and design findings over the xmas break. But to be honest i’ve been snowed under (sorry for the pun) with personal stuff. But not failing my readers too much i’ve collated a number of excellent items I wish to share with you in my Festive Findings.

First up is Fuel Your Creativities, Best Of 2009. “As the countdown to 2010 begins to loom in our imminent future, it’s a great time to look back upon what we as a creative community shared throughout 2009. It’s been a quick ride but it’s had some amazing creativity & content that could keep us fueled through the next year. Check out some of the best and most memorable from this year.” – Read more here.

Next we have a great article from Design Reviver, featuring 5 of the years best designers. Most of which we have featured here on the blog before. But some showing off new works. Our personal favourite is Justin Maller, featured heavily this year. Click here for more.

Next up, Noupe, have given us a stunning example of 35 Awesome Vector Illustrations. From photo-realistic to the abstract this article has it all. Along with a few seen on this blog before. This is something to truly inspire you this cold monday morning.

Finally for this first edition of Festive Findings is a personal fav, 40 Awesome Examples Of Tilt-Shift Photography, courtesy of Web Design Ledger. “Tilt-shift photography refers to giving the subject of a photo a miniature look or toy-like appearance. This affect can either be achieved with a special camera lens and other shooting techniques, or it can be done in post processing with applications like Photoshop. There are a number of tilt-shift tutorials available that will show you how to achieve this effect on your own, but in this article we’re going to inspire you.” – Click here for more.