Today we have a three way artist feature-fest for you. So hold onto your mouse and lets get started. First up is Françoise Nielly, a painter from France. Françoise’s painting is expressive, exhibiting a brute force and a fascinating vital energy. These compositions are oil and knife based and she really knows how to bring out the sexual aspects of her work. Check out all the images on her site asap.

Next up are Guadalupe Cos-Gayon Alía and Miguel Abio Ruiz, who make up the creative group called Valistika. They met doing Design & Illustration at the Real Casa de la Moneda in Madrid, Spain and continued their collaborations at Guadalupe in Advertising Graphics at the Nº 10 Art School in Madrid. They have worked together since 2006. The work they like mostly do is handmade, drawing, collage & painting.

Finally we have a super-awesome illustrator by the name of Andrey Gordeev. Andrey resides currently in Bangkok, Thailand and has a certain style that is all his own. His character drawings are simply superb and have a Pixar feel about them. Enjoy.