Today’s special treat is a three artist combo of mass proportions from GMUNK, Thomas Kuriatko & a blog favourite Piotr Tarka. First up is GMUNK aka Bradley G Munkowitz. GMUNK is a design director for the motion graphics industry and has continued to remain passionately involved in the global design community, giving lectures around the world including conferences in Australia, Korea, Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Canada, England and all over the US of A… check out these awesome Tron Legacy images created for the Disney movie itself. Amazing!

Next we have Thomas Kuriatko, hailing from Munich, Germany. This illustrator with excellent use of colour had to be featured on this blog. Check out his Behance page and these awesome designs below!

Finally we have the awesome and ever present on this blog Piotr Tarka aka Peter Color. No need for words on this man, just check out his latest works especially the MTV works. Enjoy.