The Best Design Tools & Resources of 2010

The Best Design Tools & Resources of 2010

Another awesome but quick post for all you designers out there courtesy of, the Best of the best web design tools and resources of 2010. So get downloading the …Continue reading »

Free jQuery Image Slider : Nivo Slider

Today we have something special for all you web designer / developers out there. For a long time i’ve been using jQuery image sliders for my designs. As they are …Continue reading »

Free HTML5 Video Player : Sublime Video

We haven’t done a nice freebie for you in ages. So hows this for you web coder/designers out there. Sublime Video is a HTML5 Video Player, users can play videos …Continue reading »

20 Free High Quality Script Fonts

A quickie for you today. Think Design Blog have just released a great post featuring 20 free high quality script fonts for your typography please. So go over now and …Continue reading »

Whatsapp : BBM For The iPhone

If you haven’t downloaded this awesome app already then you truly don’t know what you’re missing. Are you sick of all your blackberry mates saying there block of plastic is …Continue reading »

Free Flash Embedded Player : JC Player

JC Player is an easy to use flash video player that can be fully customized to load general video content (flv). JC Player (Jumpeye Components Player) is developed to work …Continue reading »

50 Awesome Free Fonts For Designers

Here’s something nice to go with your monday morning coffee. How about 50 awesome free design fonts for your font library, courtesy of Design Reviver. Everyone loves a freebie, so …Continue reading »

J3Concepts Wallpaper Pack

J3Concepts have been featured here many times but now that Abduzeedo have brought to my attention the arrival of 20 of his greatest wallpapers ready for download for free to …Continue reading »

Letterpress Effect with CSS3 Text-Shadow

With thanks to Line 25 and Chris Spooner. I can present to you a great example of creating a Letterpress Effect using CSS3’s new feature called Text-Shadow. Check out this …Continue reading »

Free Dropbox Replacement Icon

I’ve search the web for a really simple yet beautiful Dropbox icon for replacing the bog standard one it comes with. So this is my result. I hope you like …Continue reading »

Bumpbox : A Lightbox Solution for PDF's

Bumpbox is another lightbox clone with a few advantages over other lightboxes – it supports not only all common media types but also PDF’s. Something we’ve all been waiting for. …Continue reading »

Wanna Design Your Own Nikes?

So you got photoshop, but don’t wanna be restricted to the painful NikeID store. Just download one of these great Photoshop files from Pigmag allowing you to manipulate pretty much …Continue reading »

Aviary Screen Capture : Talon

Aviary has just launched Screen Capture Talon that can let you capture any webpage from any browser, by simply putting in front of the URL. You can capture a …Continue reading »

2 Free jQuery Elements / InnerFade & Scrollable

The first jQuery little gem is brought to us by German outfit Medienfreunde GbR. InnerFade is a small plugin for the jQuery. It’s designed to fade you any element inside …Continue reading »

6 Free Website Templates (PSD & HTML)

Smashing Magazine has released 6 fantastic website templates to use for personal or commercial use. So get downloading and create your own masterpiece with the help from these excellent resources.

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