Today we have a great post featuring some of the best concept car designs from the last few weeks thanks to a blog favourite, Fubiz.

First up are some official photos of the new concept ‘E-Tron Spyder‘ from Audi. Apparently this concept is actually in development and sports a hybrid electric battery combined with diesel engine.

11 2014 audi e tron spyder qs 550x365

55 2014 audi e tron spyder qs 550x365

2014 audi e tron spyder 1 550x366

2014 audi e tron spyder 4 550x366

Spyder5 550x366

Next up it’s the ‘Ferrari Aliante‘ by designer Arunkumar Shanmugam, in collaboration with Magnus and Daniel Soriano Grettve. Check out the awesome renderings below!

Aliante1 550x347

Aliante2 550x309

Aliante7 550x258

Aliante8 550x322

Finally it’s the turn of the ‘Mercedes Benz SF1‘ by Steel Drake originally from Kyrgyzstan. This one screams bat mobile to me. A truly awesome idea coming to life through these pics below. Enjoy.

28b1f7fd6c768b9049c91763797ec5df 550x343

Mercedes sf1 550x323

Mercedes sf8 550x312