Hi all, today we have 3 great illustrators to feast your eyes on. First up is Éstudio Puhl, a designer and illustrator from Chapecó, Brazil. His imaginative and highly creative digital art is really details and each image has plenty to delve into. Checkout his site and Flickr too!




Next we have Kai Spannuth, Kai hails from Germany and has a wild imagination for turning the mundane into the extraordinary! He take on Marvel characters are my personal favourite, a true genius!

What If World War Hulk Cover by Kai S

Amazing Spider Man Zombie by Kai S

Bill n Bob Muroidea by Kai S

Finally we have Jim Lee. A man we’ve featured on the blog before and needs no introductions as you will probably recognise his work in Marvel and DC comics. Just checkout some of his latest creations below. All hail the Lee!