Thanks to the TGR we have a great collection of all the rumours and possibilities the new Apple tablet has to offer. Check out the concise list below and click on the links for more info. We’re starting to get very excited, Jan 27th, pencil it in folks!

Note: Below you will find a list of sources with a number, these numbers correspond with the numbers in the graphic above.

  1. Unique tablet UI: READ MOREREAD MORE
  2. Aluminium casting: READ MORE
  3. Quarter two launch: READ MORE
  4. Powered by a P A Semi chip READ MORE
  5. Supported by multiple 3G carriers: READ MORE
  6. 3D operating system navigation:READ MORE
  7. March Launch:READ MORE(subscription required)
  8. Two different finishes:READ MORE(subscription required)
  9. Around $1,000:READ MORE(subscription required)
  10. January 27 unveiling: READ MORE
  11. 10” display: READ MORE
  12. Called iSlate: READ MORE
  13. Supports Apple’s App Store: READ MORE
  14. Pixel Qi screen: READ MORE
  15. OLED screen: READ MORE
  16. e-reader like functionality for newspapers, books, magazines:READ MORE
  17. Front facing camera: (Chinese), READ MORE(translated)
  18. Multitouch version of iWork:READ MORE
  19. Runs iPhone OS: READ MORE
  20. Interact with tablet using palms and fingers:READ MORE

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