I know it has been forever since my last post, being a dad and work hard has taken its toll. But fear not as today I have a mammoth treat in store with a bumper post.

First up is a collection of images from the Star Wars films, most of the images are behind the scenes pics and photos taken of the actors and crew fooling about. Great pics that needed to be shared. Thanks for Malgusto for the link and check out the full range of pics on their site.

Next up is a great collection of work from different artists depicting fan tributes to Star Wars too. Thanks to Fantasy Inspiration for the heads up.

Next we have Richard Davies a illustration genius i’ve yet to feature on this blog. Richard hails from Wales, UK, and has an affinity for sic-fi related illustrations ranging from Star Wars to Dr. Who. Just check out his awesomeness below!

Next is Adam Spizak, a favourite of this blog who we haven’t featured since last year. Adam, is an incredible digital artist and his images plainly speak for themselves. Take a bow son!

Finally for you we have the actual release of the Daft Punk Cola bottles. These are awesome and I need them now. I trip to france be need to be expensed 🙂