There is no doubt that over recent years we have moved more rapidly than ever into the digital age, with more and more of us relying on technology for everything from business and work through to entertainment and shopping. Our increased reliance and love of technology has been reflected in many ways from the popularity of the various devices that come onto the market through to the growth and success of tech related businesses.

When it comes to tech businesses, many have seen startling growth over recent years as a result of our increased interest in and reliance on technology. For example, according to a recent report the apps market alone will be worth $77 billion by 2017 and there are now apps to help us with every area of our lives whether we need information, access to resources such as budgeting or business tools, or whether we are looking for some fun and entertainment. You can even get apps such as casino apps like Betway, where you can enjoy playing a wide variety of casino games even when you are on the move.

Tech businesses that have seen impressive growth

A huge number of us now have a number of devices that we use on a daily basis, namely smartphones and tablets. This increased take up of these devices has seen enormous growth for device manufacturers, as they now bring out new and improved models on a regular basis. Big name companies such as Samsung and Apple have enjoyed increased success over recent years along with lesser known companies such as Alcatel, which last year reported growth of 7 percent year on year largely due to next generation technologies.

As mentioned previously, the apps market is set to see continued growth. Our fondness of mobile devices means that more and more of us are now using apps such as business apps, shopping apps, news apps, and entertainment apps for accessing content or playing games. The online casino industry has enjoyed impressive growth and this has been helped along by not only access to casino apps but also faster internet speeds, high tech devices, and access to an increasing number of mobile casino gamesย such as those found at Betway.

The growth of tech businesses has been further demonstrated in reports such as the Fast Tech 25 report from Forbes, which looks at the success of technology companies. This shows that tech businesses in a range of different areas have been enjoying increased success from business software solutions companies such as Qlik Technologies through to digital photography company Shutterfly.