In an age in which we seem to have forgotten that looking backwards is not the way forwards, mainstream car design is stalling in manner which could bore any motor vehicle enthusiast to tears. Sure, you can have a few more curves with your Citroen, a more functional door for your Ford, but big-selling designs are changing at such a painfully slow rate that it’s hard to get your head around the idea that half a century ago (and even more recently than that), the shape, style and capabilities of our automobiles were being chopped and changed as quickly as quiffs turned to mullets, to short-back-and-sides’.

However, if you’ve got the time and inclination (…and money) to dig a little deeper than the dog-eared catalogues at your local car showroom, there’s a world of futuristic automobiles out there that’ll restore your faith in the inventive spirit of humankind.

Introducing… the flying car!


We’ve been hearing about road-ready aeroplanes for some time now, but one project which is currently under development is generating more excitement than any other prototype in decades: The Aeromobil 2.5. Okay, so you can’t strictly own it now, but it’s on its way!

This prospectively stunning vehicle can do over 100mph on the road and well over 120mph in the air. In short, it’s a high-performance land and air vehicle that could revolutionise the way we get from A to B. We’d better start training up a whole lot of air traffic controllers…

Down to Earth with digital innovations…

If a flying car sounds a bit much, you can enjoy a taste of the future more affordably and conventionally through buying a car that seamlessly incorporates cutting edge digital tech. The stately 2014 Mercedes S-Class offers the classy aesthetic and high performance we’ve come to expect from Janice Joplin’s favourite vehicle manufacturers, but it’s the way in which this car integrates technology that’s really got the experts’ attention. With radar and hundreds of LED lamps, this is an unprecedentedly safe drive, and with iPod docking at the ready there’ll never be a reason to miss out on an iphone casino dalliance or go without your favourite tunes while you’re on the road again.

Electric dreams…

For a better future for Planet Earth, the best futuristic cars on the market would have to be those which run on sustainable energy sources. Priced from £16k, the electric Nissan LEAF is an affordable way to step into the future and reduce your carbon footprint.