In the past few years, websites have changed to a large degree in terms of purpose, functionality and design. This means that there is always a need for new tools capable of grading a website according to several factors.

Although the free tool Website Grader was created back in the distant 2007, it has been redesigned and is now capable of assessing a site using modern ranking factors.

What does it do?

The free online tool Website Grader gives people a personalized, free report, capable of estimating how well their sites perform according to key metrics, among them SEO, security, mobile readiness and performance.

In what way is this software different from any other SEO software?

Although many people compare it to Marketing Grader, which is a marketing tool for assessing websites in relation to marketing-related activities like social media, landing pages and blogs, Website Grader is different. It focusses on the most important areas of a site, related to its ability to improve ranking.

The way Website Grader works

It is as easy as it can get – you only need to enter the URL of your site and the tool will generate a score of between 1 and 100 in just a few seconds. Additionally, you are presented with a report, detailing how well your site performs against each criteria as follows:

  • Website performance – Improving the performance of your site is important for increasing conversion rates, improving traffic, and generating revenue and leads. The tool displays an assessment of page speed, page requests and page size of your site.
  • Readiness for mobile devices – As the traffic from mobile devices has never been as important as it is now, everyone should consider optimizing their sites for mobile devices to ensure they are not missing out on leads, traffic, and revenue. The tool checks how well your site performs against key criteria like viewport settings and responsiveness.
  • Search Engine Optimization – You must have a site that’s easy to discover by both bots and users. The tool does it by grading the different elements of your site like meta descriptions, page titles, etc.

  • Security – The use of a security certificate adds an additional layer of protection to your site and gives users an indication that it is authentic and secure. Having a security certificate in place results in a higher grade.

The end of the report also includes some recommendations on the issues you must deal with in order to improve site performance.

If you have received a score under 90, it means there is still a need for improvement. Strive to implement the necessary improvements. You can also use the tool to email your report to others so that they too can help you in this task.

If you have a score of more than 40, why not let your friends know? Brag about it by sharing your report with them easily and quickly, and don’t forget to read more and relevant SEO news.